India Meteorological Department Non-Gazetted Staff Union was established in 19th September 1947 & has a long vivid history of solving various matters of staff.

(Shri. Kapil Chamoli)

General Secretary

**Letter to DGM reg. Implementation of M.O.Fin. Order dt.28.07.2009 in respect of non-induatrial staff of IMD***Letter to DGM reg.Resolution passed to amend the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Memorandam of Association’ of IMD NGSU***Letter to DGM reg. Furnishing of performa for renewal of Association/Unions***Letter to DGM reg.Draft guidelines of Gr.B officials of IMD*** Letter to DGM reg.Implementation of M.O.Fin. Order dt.28.7.2009 in respect of non-industrial IMD staff***Letter to DGM reg. discrepancy in nomenclature of Canteen staff ***Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Initiate Dept. enquiry O/I MC Bangalore***Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Pending issues related to policy matters***Letter to Secretary MOES reg, Relaxation in Advance/Forecaster Training ***Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Gross Human Rights violation in IMD ***Letter to Secretary MOES reg.Notice for indifinite Dharna on account of Gross Human Rights violation and injustice to Gr.B&C employees of IMD***. Letter to DGM reg. Performing extra duties***Letter to GS IMD NGSU/MASOA/NGSSA/WORKSHOP UNION/Tech-NonTech MTS ass. Reg.notice performing extra duties ***Mail from Grievance Cell, DGM office reg. Operational Status of IMD**Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Revision of monetary ceiling for bag purchase***Letter to DGM reg. Final Notice for performing extra duties....details in Circular*** Letter to Hon.MP reg.Service status of IMD Officers and Staff***Letter to Secretary MOES reg. IMD Manual ***Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Appointment request***Letter to DGM reg.Draft Recruitment Rules of Scientific Assistant***Letter to DGM reg. Issuance of promotion lists in Gr B and C cadres ***Letter to Secretary MOES reg, Discussion of points after 43rd IMD NGSU council meet**Letter to DGM reg.New Central Executive Committee of IMD NGSU***Circular reg. Holding of 43rd Session of IMD NGSU***Letter to Hon.Prime Minister Reg. Injustice to GR.B & C of IMD MOES due to non-implementation of Govt.Orders/Instructions ***Letter to DGM reg.Revision of monetary ceiling for purchse/reimbursment of Bags ***Letter to DGM reg. Posting of AO’s at MC’s***Appeal for help victims of natural disaster of Kerala***Letter to DGM reg. Mali committee report **Letter to DGM reg. Implementation of the recommendation on 7th CPC on Over-Time***Circular reg.Deduction of Membership subs.towarks NGSU membership**Letter to Secretary MOES reg. MBPS for Gr.B & C Scientific support staff.***Letter to Secretary MOES reg. req.for amendments in RR of SA**Letter to DGM reg. Filling up of vacant post of Staff Car Driver(OG) by promotion***Letter to DGM reg.Staff strength in NSD canteen rooms functioning from CG office Delhi **Letter to DGM reg.Recruitment in the cadre of MTS ***Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Request for amendments in RR of SA and MET-A & B***Letter to DGM reg. Transfer policy for Group-B Officials in IMD***Letter to DGM reg. Filling vacant post of Car driver by promotion **Letter to Hon.Secretary, DST reg. merit based promotion scheme**Letter to DGM reg. appointment for pending issues***Letter to DGM reg. Action in convening of DPC meeting in terms of model calendar*Letter to Secretary MP,PGP, DOPT reg.NDA clarification *Letter to Secretary DST reg. MBPS for Group B and C Scientific support staff**Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Inclusion of Scientific and Operational status in recruitment rules ***Letter to DGM reg. Disciplinary action against Shri. R.V.Singh for misusing powers ***Letter to DGM reg. Promotion in cadre of MO-III from MTS ****Letter to Secretary DOPT reg. comments on defn of Operation staff eligible for OT** Letter to DGM reg.suggestion on proposal for merger of MET A in Level 7 reg.recognition of service association under CCS ***Letters to DGM Reg.appointment for pending issues,Uniform transfer policy,Metnet uploading Transfer cases of MTS***Letter to DGM Reg. Seniority list of Canteen Attendant***Letter to DGM Reg. intimation of New REC members of IMD NGSU Delhi***Letter to DGM Reg. Filling up vacant post of staff Car Driver (OG) by promotion***Letter to DGM Reg Making the membership drives for joining Unions/Associations online***Letter to DGM Reg. intimation of New REC members of IMD NGSU Mumbai***Letter to DGM reg. Recognition of Service Association under the CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993***Letter to DGM Reg. Intimation of new CEC Members of IMD NGSU***

****Letter to DGM reg. Filling up vacant post in Non-Statutory Dept. Canteen***Letter from Ministry of Personnel and  Public griev. Reg. Filling Canteen Vacant posts***Letter to Director of Canteens Filling up vacant posts in the non-statutory Dept Canteen***Amendment in the Recruitment Rules of MO-III, MO-II, and MO-I of IMD***Resolution for approaching Hon’ble High Court Karnataka***Resolution for approaching appropriate forum***Letter to Gen.Secretary, NGSU reg. reply to various points raised ****Letter to DGM Reg. Submission of amendments to constitution of IMD NGSU for approval ****Letter to Director of Canteens Reg.filling of vacant posts in Canteens/Tiffin Room. ***Letter to Secretary(MOES) reg. implementation of R.R. Mali committee report ***Appeal to join Non-Gazetted Staff Union (NGSU)**Letter for appointment with DGM reg. pending issues **Letter to all Regional Secretaries reg. 1 day strike on 16th Mar,2016****Letter to DGM reg. Framming of RR for various post in Non-Statutory Dept. Canteen/Tiffin Room***Letter to DGM reg. implementation of decision taken in Joint Forum & request for meeting ***Letter to Secretary (MoES) Reg. amendment in Recruitment Rules of S.A.***

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