All India Circulars

1. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Pending issues related to policy matters

2. Letter to Secretary MOES reg, Relaxation in Advance/Forecaster Training

3. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Gross Human Rights violation in IMD

4. Letter to Secretary MOES reg.Notice for indifinite Dharna on account of Gross Human Rights violation and injustice to Gr.B&C employees of IMD 

5. Letter to DGM reg. Performing extra duties

6. Letter to GS IMD NGSU/MASOA/NGSSA/WORKSHOP UNION/Tech-NonTech MTS ass. Reg.notice performing extra duties

7. Mail  from Grievance Cell, DGM office reg. Operational Status of IMD

8. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Revision of monetary ceiling for bag purchase

9. Letter to Hon.MP reg.Service status of IMD Officers and Staff

10. Letter to DGM reg. Final Notice for performing extra duties.

11. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. IMD Manual

12. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Appointment request

13. Letter to DGM reg.Draft Recruitment Rules of Scientific Assistant

14. Letter to DGM reg. Issuance of promotion lists in Gr B and C cadres

15. Letter to Secretary MOES reg, Discussion of points after 43rd IMD NGSU council meet            

16. Letter to DGM reg.New Central Executive Committee of IMD NGSU

17. Circular reg. Holding of 43rd Session of IMD NGSU

18. Letter to Hon.Prime Minister Reg. Injustice to GR.B & C  of IMD MOES due to non-implementation of Govt.Orders/Instructions .

19. Letter to DGM reg.Revision of monetary ceiling for purchse/reimbursment of Bags

20. Letter to DGM reg. Posting of AO’s at MC’s

21. Letter to DGM reg. Implementation of Mali Committee report MTS/OT cadre of IMD

22. Appeal to all NGSU Regional Secretaries reg.Help to victims of natural disaster of Kerala

23. Letter to DGM reg. Implementation of the recommendation on 7th CPC on Over-Time

24. Circular reg.Deduction of Membership subs.towarks NGSU membership

25. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. MBPS for Gr.B & C Scientific support staff.

26. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. req.for amendments in RR of SA

27. Letter to DGM reg. Filling up of vacant post of Staff Car Driver(OG) by promotion

28. Letter to DGM reg.Staff strength in NSD canteen rooms functioning from CG office Delhi

29. Letter to DGM reg.Recruitment in the cadre of MTS

30. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Request for amendments in RR of SA and MET-A & B

31. Letter to DGM reg. Transfer policy for Group-B Officials in IMD

32. Letter to DGM reg. Filling vacant post of Car driver by promotion

33. Letter to Hon.Secretary, DST reg. merit based promotion scheme

34. Letter to DGM reg. appointment for pending issues

35. Letter to DGM reg. Action in convening of DPC meeting in terms of model calendar

36. Letter to Secretary MP,PGP, DOPT reg.NDA clarification

37. Letter to Secretary DST reg. MBPS for Group B and C Scientific support staff

38. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Inclusion of Scientific and Operational status in recruitment rules

39. Letter to DGM reg. Disciplinary action against Shri. R.V.Singh for misusing powers

40. Letter to DGM reg. Promotion in cadre of MO-III from MTS

41. Letter to Secretary DOPT reg. comments on defn of Operation staff eligible for OT

42. Letter to DGM reg.suggestion  on  proposal for merger of MET A in Level 7

43. Letter to DGM reg.recognition of service association under CCS

44. Letter to DGM reg. implementation of uniform transfer policy

45. Letter to DGM reg. updation of data over METNET

46. Letter to DGM reg. appointment for pending issues

47. Letter to DGM Reg. Transfer cases of MTS

48. Letter to DGM Reg. Seniority list of Canteen Attendant

49. Letter to DGM Reg. intimation of  New REC members of IMD NGSU Delhi

50. Letter to DGM Reg. Filling up vacant post of staff Car Driver (OG) by promotion

51. Letter to DGM Reg Making the membership drives for joining Unions/Associations online

52. Letter to DGM Reg. intimation of  New REC members of IMD NGSU Mumbai

53. Letter to DGM reg. Recognition of Service Association under the CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993

54. Letter to DGM Reg. Intimation of new CEC Members of IMD NGSU

55. Letter to DGM Reg. Filling up vacant posts in the non-statutory Dept. Canteen.

56. Letter from Ministry of Personnel and  Public griev. Reg. Filling Canteen Vacant posts

57. Letter to Director of Canteens Filling up vacant posts in the non-statutory Dept. Canteen

58. Reg. Amendment in the Recruitment Rules of MO-III, MO-II, and MO-I of IMD

59. Resolution for approaching Hon’ble High Court Karnataka

60. Resolution for approaching appropriate forum

61. Letter to Gen.Secretary, NGSU reg. reply to various points raised

62. The New Constitution of  IMD NGSU

63. Letter to DGM Reg. Submission of amendments to constitution of IMD NGSU for approval.  pg2

64. Letter to Director of Canteens Reg. filling of vacant posts in Canteens/Tiffin Room.

65. Letter to Secretary(MOES) reg. implementation of R.R. Mali committee report

66. Letter to DGM reg. Recognition of Union/Association under CCS(RSA)rules

67. Appeal to join Non-Gazetted Staff Union (NGSU)

68. Letter for appointment with DGM reg. pending issues

69. Letter to all Regional Secretaries reg. 1 day strike on  16th Mar,2016

70. Letter to DGM Framing of RR for various post in Non-Statutory Dept. Canteen/Tiffin Room

71. Letter to DGM reg. implementation of decision taken in Joint Forum & request for meeting

72. Letter to Secretary (MoES) Reg. amendment in Recruitment Rules of S.A.  Pg. 2

73. Letter to DGM reg.filling up vacant posts in NS Dept.canteen/tiffin rooms 

74. Letter to DGM reg.discrepancy in nomenclature of Canteen staff

75. Letter to DGM reg. Recruitment in Gr B & C through Local/ Reg. Govt.agencies

76. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. implementation of decisions taken in meeting  

77. Minutes of meeting with DGM dt. 06-01-2017

78. Letter to DGM reg.Lady representation in CEC

79. Letter to DGM reg.Promotion in Cadre of Met.Obsr.G-III

80. Letter to DGM Reg APAR (Maintenance & Preparation)

81. Letter to DGM Reg. Confirmation of S.A.

82. Letter to DGM Reg. finalizaion and issue of Seniority lists of the Govt. Employees

83. Letter to DGM Request for Circular/Guidelines of compensatory off

84. Letter to DGM Reg. Night Duty Allowance for Group B & C opeln.staff & Officers

85. Letter to DGM Reg. OTA for Group B & C operational Staff.

86. Merger of Meteorologist A & B

87. Minutes of meeting  dt. 20-10-2016 with DGM

88. Minutes of meeting with DGM DT. 23-09-2016

89. Letter issued to DGM Reg. Implementation of CAT order

90. New CEC (42 AGM)

91. DGM Clarification during inagural session of NGSU UNION COUNCIL  

92. Minutes of the meeting with DGM held on 08.09.2016

93. Representation to DGM Reg. implementation of the decisions taken in the meeting

94. Minutes of the meeting held on 01.09.2016

95. Letter to DGM reg. review of Transfer Policy

96. Letter to DGM reg. Benefits sugessested by 7th CPC

97. Letter to DGM reg. Constitution of committee for transfer order of SA

98. Letter to DGM reg. SA qualification in direct recruitment/Promotional post of SO I

99. Proposal for restructuring of Group ‘C’ Technical cadres of IMD

100. Report of R.R. Mali Committee for restructuring of Gr.C

101. Welcome of New DGM

102. Minutes of meeting held on 04th August 2016

103. Minutes of meeting held on 29th July 2016

104. Joint Memorandum to MoES Secretary by NGSU & all Association / Appeal  /  Bahishkar

105. Letter to DGM Reg. charter of Demand by NGSU and All Union Association

106. Letter to Secretary MOES and DGM reg. request consideration of combined service

107. Letter to DDGM(A&S) reg.Gr B & C Transfer policy

108. Strike Notice to DGM

109. Sad Demise of our Comrade and Beloved brother  “Shri Rakesh Chander Sundriyal”.

110. Letter to DGM reg. Consideration of combined service

111. Letter to DGM reg. Transfer Policy of Group B and C  Pg2

112. Letter to MoES Secretary Reg. Request for consideration of combined service

113. Reg. UPSC reply on combined service representation

114. Letter to DGM reg. Non-Compliance, delay & indifference to frustrated Gr. B & C staff of IMD

115. Representation to DGM regading OTA action by IMD 

116. Representation to MoES regarding refusal of OTA proposal

117. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. Consideration of combined service request

118. Letter to Secretary MOES Reg. Delay & double standards of IMD in mplementation of Govt. Policies

119. Letter to Secretary UPSC reg. Consideration of combined service for promotions from Group B to Group A

120. Represetation to MoES-for inclusion of members views on RR's

121. Citation to HON. MP

122. Letter to DGM reg. Views/suggestions on recruitment rules 

123. Letter to DGM reg.nomination of acting GS

124. Letter to Dir (Estt) Dept of P&T reg. recruitment of SA 

125. Letter to DGM reg.Declination of promotions and its acceptance

126. Letter to Secretary MOES reg. nomenclature/desg, post classification

127. Letter from PS of H'ble Minister

128. Letter to DGM reg Denial of promotions

129. Delhi Tour Report

130. Letter reg. 7th CPC representation for consideration to DGM

131. Letter reg. 7th CPC representation for consideration to secretary MoEs

132. NGSU affiliation to confederation of central government employees and workers

133. Letter to DGM reg. Unofficial, whimsical and impassive attitude of  DDGM (Trg.) towards IMD trainees

134. Non filling of vacant and promotional post' letter to H'ble minister

135. Meeting with DGM

136. Minutes of the meeting between NGSU CEC and ADGM ( R ) Pune

137. Staff distribution after restructuring of Gr-B staff -model report. Annex. I  II   III   IV

138. OTA proposal to MoES

139. Letter to Secretary MoES reg. OTA  & Night Weightage of GR.  B & C

140. Letter to Secretary DARP reg. RR’s of Group B staff of IMD after restructuring.

141. Letter to Secretary DoPT reg. RR’s of Group B staff of IMD after restructuring.

142. Letter to DGM reg. Request for extending benefits to LA’s with respect to CAT Bangalore verdict

143. Details of meetings conducted with seniors officers of MOES on 02nd and 03rd Sept 2015 by NGSU

144. Progress on OTA case and MTS restructuring proposal-reg

145. Reminder to MOES Secretary –reg.Extra duty allownc night w’tage for the Group B & C officers and staff.

146. Letter to DGM for filling all post of AM I as per restructuring.

147. Letter to MOES Secretary -regarding extra duty by Group B and Group C staff

148. Letter to DGM -Inclusion of Scientific & Operational and Technical & perational while framing Recruitment rules of the Group B & C officers & staff.

149. Inputs for MTS restructuring

150. Minutes of the Meeting with DGM on 14/07/2015

151. Election of New Central Executive Committee of NGSU.

152. Letter to DGM for Retention of nomenclature of Gr.B Gaz. & Non-Gaz.

153. 7TH CPC Presentation by NGSU

154. Minutes of the 7th CPC meeting


156. Letter to DGM reg. Benefit of operational Status  of Group B & C

157. Letter to DGM reg. Points not addressed in restructuring Report

158. Welcome Letter to H’ble Union Minister

159. Thanks Letter to DGM, New Delhi

160. Thanks Letter to H’ble Secretary of MOES

161.  Letter from Hon. Minister of MOES

162. Thanks Giving Letter to Respected MP for the Letter Dt. 12-8-14

163. Reminder Letter by respected MP

164. Reminder letter by GS reg. Operational Status

165. Letter to H’ble Minister

166. Meeting with DGM

167. Dharna and demonstration at IMD HQ


169. A letter to DGM reg. continuation of letter IMD/NGSU 199/2014



172. NGSU Letter of Operational Status for Gr. B & C

173. Final 7th CPC Report           Annexures    I     II        III       IV

174. NGSU answers for 7th CPC questions

175. Submission of memorandum for 7th cpc

176. 7th CPC Questionnaire -answers by NGSU

177. Grant of MACP benefit under hierarchy.


179. Reply received form DGM regarding Foundation day boycott

180. A Letter issued to DGM Reg. MACP representation

181. A letter to DGM regarding problem of M.C. ITANAGAR

182. Bycott  Foundation day of IMD, if demands not meet...letter by GS

183. Agenda points for meeting with DGM

184. A Letter to DGM Regarding Forcibl introduction of Paper Review

185. CAT Guwahati order dt. 06-08-2013

186. Annexure R1 submitted by Dept to CAT Guwahati

187. Annexture R2 submitted by Dept to CAT Guwahati

188. Annexture R3 submitted by Dept to CAT Guwahati

189. Annexture R4 submitted by Dept to CAT Guwahati

190. Request for implementation of Cadre Restructure by S.K. Das committee of Gr. B, C & Technical.

191. Withdrawal and rescind of circular of issuing TREND forecast

192. Department reply for CAT CASE Dated 09/07/2013

193. Appeal To help Uttarakhand Victims By IMD NGSU

194. Restructuring of Non-Gazetted Staff in IMD-Revised proposal by NGSU

195. Minutes of the meeting of IMD NGSU with DGM held on 27-05-2013  PAGE2

196. Letter to Secretary MoES for meeting - Letter By GS

197. Letter regarding meeting from DGM

198. Reply from DGM on Agitation Notice

199. DHARNA AND Demonstration from 27TH MAY 2013 BY NGSU in support of the DEMANDS

200. Final Notice of Agitation Programme - Letter By GS


202. Notice of Agitation Programme - Letter By GS

203. Upgradation of Grade Pay Of SA – Letter By GS                     

204. Restructuring of SA as per MoES

205. Application_For_FCS_Benefit_To_DGM_&_MoES_Secretary Page2

206. Court order of CAT Guwahati order 172/11 dt. 20/12/2012  pg.    2    3    4

207. Upgradation of Grade Pay of S.A. to Rs. 4600/-

208. Court order in continuation of CAT Guwahati order 172/11

209. Annual Council Session on 12-14 December 2012

210. CAT Court Order dt. 12-10-2012 pg. 1 and pg.2

211. Department reply for CAT GUWAHATI CP -15/12 pg.1 and pg.2

212. Guwahati Cat Contempt Notice issue order pg. 1 and  pg. 2

213. Appln for contemntio​n Of CAT Guwahati order 172/11

214. List of Holidays (CH/RH) Year 2012 

215. Central Administrative Tribunal-Guwahati Bench

216. NGSU Constitution

217. 6th Central Pay Commission Report March 2008

218. Intermediate Training OJT Exercise

219. CAT Case Guwahati Bench

220. Reply from DGM dt. 12-07-2012

221. DGM Letter dt. 11-06-2012

222. All India Demonstration on 17/06/2012

223. GS letter to DGM

224. GS Address to Members

225. Upgradation of Cadre

226. Non-Revision of Overtime

227. Meeting with DGM dt. 20-05-2011

228. Cadre Re-structuring Committee for different cadres of IMD.